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Ayurveda and Its Role in Sexual Health

Ayurveda & It's Role in Sexual Health

Sexual health has become a concern in recent years. The changes in the lifestyle and eating habits of the people are responsible for it. Several people are going through smaller or bigger sexual health issues. Increasing stress also impacts the sexual health of a person. As a result, the personal life of a person gets affected. Many people try to take allopathy medications for it. However, there can be several side effects of them too. That’s why India’s ancient science is considered one of the best options nowadays. Several people opt for Ayurvedic treatment for their sexual health. In this blog, we will try to understand the take of Ayurveda on sexual health and its treatments. You can also find one of the best sexologists in Gurgaon.


Ayurveda’s take on sexual health

Ayurveda regards sex as a primary life function. Not only is it crucial for reproduction which results in the ultimate aim of the human species- procreation but also considered a pleasure of life. Ayurveda recognizes sex as one of the seven dhatus, including blood, muscle, fat, bone marrow, and reproductive tissues. Ayurveda emphasizes maintaining a healthy sexual life for living a balanced lifestyle. Unlike modern science, Ayurveda doesn’t consider sexual health a holistic topic.


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It advocates creating a balance. To promote good sexual health, Ayurveda provides several suggestions, which include diet management and lifestyle changes. This can help you in making remarkable changes in your sexual life.

Let’s see the dos and don’ts per Ayurveda for maintaining a healthy sexual life. The best sexologist in Gurgaon also suggest the same.


  • Ayurveda prohibits you from overeating salty food. Instead, it advocates taking balanced spices, including salty and spicy food. Moreover, it also reinforces restrictions on eating refined sugar.
  • It also suggests not eating junk food or excessively oily food. This is because it can accumulate toxins in your body which is terrible for your stamina and overall health.
  • Sauces like vinegar or chili should be avoided too.
  • Last but not least, overeating citrus fruit is also not advisable to Ayurveda, as well as the best sexologist in Gurgaon.


  • Ayurveda says that drinking pure milk daily is very good for your sexual and overall health. In addition, it helps enhance your stamina while also strengthening your physique.
  • It also suggests eating cow ghee and honey.
  • Moreover, the best sexologist in Gurgaon with years of experience in Ayurveda say that eating nuts such as walnuts, almonds, etc., in ideal amounts is also good.
  • You also eat fresh fruits, especially naturally sweet ones such as bananas.
  • Consumption of pumpkin and sunflower seeds is also advisable.



Ayurveda helps make a stable and balanced life which also includes the aspects of sexual health. For promoting good sexual health, Ayurveda has several suggestions like eating healthy nuts and ghee, drinking milk daily, avoiding excessive oily food or junk, etc. If you are going through any sexual health issues, you can contact reach out to Abstract Ayurveda for the best treatment.

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