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Ayurveda Panchkarma Cleanse and Detox in India

Ayurveda Panchkarma Cleanse and Detox in India

India is known for its traditional Ayurveda treatments. People from worldwide come to India to experience the true essence of Ayurveda. One of the most famous relaxing and cleansing treatments of Ayurveda is Panchkarma. You can experience the ultimate bliss of Panchkarma in Gurgaon as it has one of the renowned Ayurvedic doctors. If you want to know more about Panchkarma in India, you have come to the right place. We will dig deeper into the foundation of this treatment in this blog.

Types of Panchkarma treatment

The Panchkarma treatment has mainly five types. As per the person’s age, condition and physical attributes, the type of treatment is determined. These five types can be applied in combination or may be separate. You can access all these treatments of Panchkarma in Gurgaon from the hands of experienced Ayurvedic doctors. The five different types are as follows;

  • Naysa

This type of treatment is associated with the cleansing of five sense organs collectively. Moreover, it also targets the cleansing of the nervous system by the nostrils.

  • Vamana

Next is cleansing or detoxing of the body fluids. In this treatment, mainly the digestive system is targeted. Through stimulated puking or vomiting, the cleansing process is executed. It is an excellent treatment for people with skin and digestive issues.

  • Virechana

Your intestine also needs cleansing to maintain a balance and healthy body. Virechana involves medical cleansing by stimulated purgation.

  • Basti

It is associated with detoxification of the colon. It is done by inducing an enema. Several herbal oils or decoctions are used in this process.

  • Rakta Mochana

This involves the detoxification of blood by using leeches.


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Duration of Panchkarma in Gurgaon

The duration of Panchkarma treatment differs as per the requirements. On average, ideally, the Panchkarma in Gurgaon takes 21 to 28 days to complete, 5 to 6 sessions. To make the therapy effective, you should at least go for 2 to 3 sessions which will take around 14 days. First, the body is prepared for the Panchkarma treatment, called Purvakarama. This involves massaging the body by using several oils or lubricants. It also includes steam baths and alterations in diet or lifestyle. Sometimes the person is also given a few oral medications to prepare the inside of the body. Then, the main phase of the treatment comes, which is called Pradhanakarma. Paschatkarma follows this. It is a rejuvenation phase of the body.



Are you suitable for taking Panchkarma in Gurgaon?

You may think about whether you should take Panchkarma treatment or not. Here is the answer.

  • If you constantly feel fatigued, your body might indicate signs of intense toxins. This results in lousy lymph circulation.
  • If you are suffering from disorders like arthritis or rheumatism.
  • Diseases related to the digestive system are also an indication


Panchkarma in Gurgaon at Abstract Ayurveda helps you detoxify your body. You get to clean your body from the inside, which helps you achieve good health. Moreover, it is also a proactive measure for several diseases.

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